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postheadericon Make this year the best Summer yet for your family with lots of fun outdoor toys for kids in the back yard.

The best summer toys for kids will accomplish: keeping your kids occupied and tire them out, get them off the couch and outside, adults will enjoy them as well and are GREAT fun!

Remember, jump roping? This classic toy is a great way to get active and your child will be amazed that you know how to use it as well. How about scooting around the park; scooters are a great way to bridge that age gap with siblings that vary in age range. As with all toys be sure to check to make sure the scooter is age appropriate based on the manufacturers recommendations for the child using the scooter and do not forget to ALWAYS have your child wear a helmet.

Sports toys and games are great of learning about building skill and having fun. Its good to have a few games which the family can play together on sunny days or on family occasions. Sports toys can be great when the kids friends coming around to play too. Some great examples include Frisbee, badminton kits, volleyball kits. basketball, tennis or soccer.

Last but not least are water toys. Most kids love cooling down in the summer on a slip and slide or even with a friendly battle game with water balloons. However, you choose to enjoy the summer remember to always be safe and use sunblock for your child’s skin health.