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postheadericon Here are a few ways to select the best toys.

1. Go natural. Look for safe toys made of natural materials like solid woods (with no finish or a non-toxic finish) and organic textiles (cotton, wool, felt, etc).

2. Simplify. Buying fewer toys is much more eco-friendly. It’s better for the planet (and your pocketbook!)

3. Re-purpose. An empty box or set of stainless steel bowls can provide hours of happy play.

4. Look for items that will last. High quality toys may cost a bit more, but they will last much longer and can be handed down to younger children.

5. Read labels. What’s this toy made of? Where does it come from? Get to know a toy before you buy it.

6. Look for local. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by buying local and Eco-friendly.

7. Open-ended toys. Look for items that encourage creativity and are capable of being used for many different types of play. Wooden blocks, colorful scarves, smooth stones, and even cardboard boxes are fun, safe toys that can be the foundation for innumerable creative adventures.

8. Avoid cheap jewelry and kids’ cosmetics. Both of these types of dress-up products are high-risk. Cheap jewelry often has high lead levels and kids’ cosmetics can have any number of questionable chemicals.

9. Throw away plastics. If you do buy plastic, look for safer plastics like those labeled #1, 2, 4, or 5 in the chasing arrows symbol usually found on the bottom of the product. Call the manufacturer if the toy is not labeled.

10. Sign-up for recall alerts. The Consumer Product Safety Commission posts recalls online, as does the website If a toy you own is recalled, take it away immediately and follow the company’s instructions on how to get a safe toy replacement.