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are living in a time where technology plays an important role. Then, why not take advantage of it? The right tool for the right project is equal to enhancing  skills. It always worthwhile to give your kids a chance to explore new ideas. Do you know that photography has many applications such as business, science, art, recreation, manufacturing, mass communication and school projects? Gather your family and put their creativity to a test! Let’s have fun! You can choose themes such as animals, family, nature, trains, cars, bikes, toys, fruits, swimming pull party or just about anything you can think of.

The little Photographer


- card stock or post board               (it is up to you the size of your art)

- pictures

- glue             (stick glue works better, no mess)

- scissors      (in case you want customize to small sizes projects)

- digital camera, cell phone, I-pad or any equipment that you might have that allows you to take pictures.

- any computer, laptop and printer that you have to download and print your pictures.


note:  Select the pictures you liked, print and stick on your card stock or post board. When your project  is complete,  you can use it to decorate your room. Another possibility is to use your pictures on an photo canvas art, photo poster, t-shirts, aprons, mugs and etc…  going through a print shop ( nearest you or online ).


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