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How fun is having a good time with your kids  working together to create a very special project!  This activity allows parents and children enjoying themselves  not only during this process of  having ideas, but also during the meal times. Also, this activity promotes a good understanding of teamwork, respecting for each other’s ideas, cooperation, decision making and fine skills.



- construction paper or card stock   ( size and  shape at your preference );

- pictures     ( from magazines or catalogs );

- scissors           (safe scissors for children);

- glue                 (stick glue works better, no mess);

- self-adhesive laminating sheets;

- crayons or color pencils;

- self-adhesive stickers  ( optional )


note:  You can give  to them magazines ,catalogs to cut out their favorite pictures or use their favorite self-adhesive stickers; Or you can let them draw whatever they would like to see in their own place mates  (exp: numbers, shapes, animals, positive words, planets, houses ,flowers,  in other words, whatever they want to express throw their drawing). Then, if you choose to use pictures, you will have to select as many pictures you want for your art work and using a glue stick, stick your pictures to your card stock or construction paper. If you choose drawing you can start  using the crayons or color pencils directly on your card stock or construction paper. If you choose self-adhesive stickers you can start to stick it on your card stock or construction paper. You can use one side or both sides of your  place mate  to create an art work. If you want a more challenge experience you can pick a theme and let them look  for the pictures, the stickers or let them drawing things related to that theme. Anyway, it is your art work! Then, finally use the self-adhesive laminating sheets  to finish the project. Or, you can take it to an office supply store nearest to you for a more  heavy duty and professional finishing . You can create various  place mates  for different occasions (exp:birthdays, holidays, events and etc…), or seasons. Also, you can customize it using different techniques. Now, get ready and enjoy your time. I hope you liked this suggestion.

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